Nate Diaz has reportedly turned himself in following a viral video of him appearing to choke a man out in the street.

As reported by MMAFighting, the UFC icon’s representative Zach Rosenfield released a statement today revealing the news. “Nate voluntarily turned himself in to the New Orleans Police Department this morning approximately at 7:10 am. CT.,” it read.

“We continue to look forward to presenting all the evidence and videos that show Nate was acting in self-defence.” An arrest warrant was issued for the 38-year-old on suspicion of second-degree battery, which is considered as a felony in the state of Louisiana.

The punishment is up to eight years in jail “with or without hard labor” and/or a maximum $2,000 fine. The incident occurred last Friday at the Misfits Boxing 6 event, where he was involved in an alleged separate altercation with reality TV star Chase DeMoor.

JUST IN: Ex-UFC star Nate Diaz issued with arrest warrant after street brawl after Misfits Boxing

In a street fight that evening, he was allegedly embroiled in a brawl with Logan Paul look-alike Rodney Petersen, who was left unconscious by Diaz. After the incident emerged, footage showed a furious Peterson who sported a head wound, promising to knock Diaz “the f*** out”.

“I don’t know what the hell I did to Nate Diaz,” he fumed. “But I tell you what, I’m going to knock him the f*** out when I know he’s coming. You caught me off-guard dude. What? Did you think I was Logan [Paul]?.” The fighter’s representative Zach Rosenfield released a statement on Tuesday and claimed he was acting in self-defence. “Nate’s attorney Walter Becker can confirm that Nate has received word of the arrest warrant and Becker has been in contact with court authorities in New Orleans,” he said in the statement sent to MMA Fighting.

“Nate’s attorney looks forward to presenting all of the facts about this incident to the District Attorney which clearly demonstrate that a trained fighter named Rodney Petersen aggressively pursued Nate with the intention of engaging him and once doing so, Nate acted entirely in self-defense. No further comment will be made at this time.”

It is currently unknown if this will impact Diaz’s boxing match with Jake Paul on August 5 which is scheduled to be held in Dallas, Texas. Following the announcement of Paul’s latest bout, Conor McGregor told Inside Fighting that he believes Diaz will “slap the head off” Paul when they clash.

Should the bout be cancelled, Paul will likely need a new opponent, and long-term rival KSI did not waste the opportunity to throw his hat into the ring. He tweeted: “Well, if that mean Jake won’t have an opponent in August… Then I’ll gladly come as the replacement after I KO Joe Fournier in May.”

In response, Paul accepted his fellow social media megastar’s offer, saying: “Great. I accept you as the backup opponent. Fight is at 185. There are no rehydration clauses. Stay in shape and we will give you a call if needed. Thanks buddy for being so humble and committed.”