Conor McGregor doesn’t appear to be ready to get training for his anticipated return to UFC underway just yet. The MMA star was seen partying hard in Monte Carlo on Sunday as the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix rolled into town.

McGregor didn’t need to worry about booking a hotel for the weekend as instead the 34-year-old rocked up in his £2.6m Lamborghini yacht.

‘Notorious’ bought the high-powered vessel in Monaco last year but is believed to have had to pay £9,600 to moor the boat for a week, back where he purchased it.

The 63-foot-long luxury yacht boasts two bedrooms, 4,000 horsepower and can go up to 70mph.

The Irishman has been able to make the sizeable investment after a successful career in MMA, boxing and other business enterprises have taken his net worth to a more than comfortable £160m.

But while McGregor was filmed enjoying the high society party atmosphere of Monte Carlo at the weekend, strutting along a packed jetty flanked by security guards, before dancing the night away with Kylie Minogue, UFC fans feared that his return to the Octogan wasn’t being taken seriously.

The high-profile fighter is expected to take on Michael Chandler this December in what will be his first UFC appearance since breaking his leg in 2021, but doubts have been cast about his early preparation.

@advils_advocate Tweeted: “That Chandler fight ain’t happening at all this year.”

@NicholasManche1 wrote: “He looks terrible,” while @SkywalkerEfu added: “Yup Chandler gonna mop the floor with this guy.”

Others took a different view. @RickRockwelll Tweeted: “He’ll never win a meaningful fight again. But does it matter? The purpose of prize fighting is of course the prize which Conor has won, but the fight has been pampered out of him.”

@bst10007 added: “He’s enjoying life & worked for everything he has.”

McGregor is expected to restart his UFC career this week after United States Anti-Doping Agency officials confirmed that the Irishman is set to rejoin UFC’s anti-doping programme for drug testing ahead of his next fight.

Officials released a statement after McGregor said “that’s done” when asked if he would be returning to the testing pool.

UFC’s rules stipulate that fighters who retire or remove themselves from the testing pool must undergo drug testing for a six-month period before they can competitively return to the sport.

McGregor and Chandler will come face-to-face this week when they appear on The Ultimate Fighter. The show, which is aired in the USA before being shown in the UK two days later, is expected to be the platform whereby the two fighters will announce their anticipated December showdown.