Conor McGregor‘s losing streak continued as his teammate Brad Katona secured a decision victory over Carlos Vera on The Ultimate Fighter.

Despite McGregor’s hopes of securing his first win in the fifth episode of the season by entrusting submission specialist Vera, the Irish former UFC star was once again left disappointed. Katona, who trains at McGregor’s SBG gym in Dublin, faced a formidable challenge, having previously earned a UFC contract by winning season 27 of The Ultimate Fighter but later being cut after consecutive losses.

Vera started the fight strong, landing impactful kicks while McGregor entertained himself with his characteristic singing and dancing. However, Katona turned the tide in his favour by pressuring Vera against the fence and executing takedowns. Although McGregor called for a stand-up due to Katona’s lack of activity on the ground, the experienced TUF competitor effectively countered with strikes and submission attempts.

Impressed by Vera’s performance in the first round, McGregor assured him that a finish was imminent. True to his words, Vera responded with a strong start in the second round, connecting with solid strikes. Katona then seized Vera’s back and came close to securing a rear-naked choke, but Vera survived and regained his footing.

Katona closed out the fight in a dominant position, and his coach, Chandler, was confident that his fighter had secured victory in both rounds. Disagreeing with the decision, McGregor expressed his frustration by proposing a sudden death round, declaring: “Give him three rounds lads, we want three rounders here judges yeah? None of this two round s***.”

Taking a dig at Chandler, McGregor taunted: “It’s five rounds for a world title. You ever had one of those world titles Michael? You ever had a five-rounder?” Chandler, unfazed by McGregor’s trash talk, responded with a smile, saying: “Yep, lots of them. We won both rounds, we don’t need a third round when we won both.”

After the defeat, while walking to the locker room with Vera, McGregor urged UFC boss Dana White to intervene with the judges. He appealed: “Dana tell them three rounds, yeah? Two rounds… the fight’s not over. They’re unfinished fights. If they’ve got unfinished fights, give them a third round. The guys are fighting for their life here.”

McGregor now sets his sights on his teammate Lee Hammond’s upcoming bout against Kurt Holobaugh from Team Chandler. Hammond, an amateur standout, boasts an undefeated record in his five professional fights, with four of those wins coming by first-round stoppage.

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