Carlos Alcaraz’s coach, Juan Carlos Ferrero, claims that the youngster copied elements of Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Andy Murray to beat the Serb in Sunday’s Wimbledon final.

“We copied a little of Murray, Roger and Novak, and he tries to copy a little bit the same,” explained the former world No 1. “In the end, it wasn’t easy, but we did it.

“We said that he would have to play more or less the same level that he played against [Daniil] Medvedev.

“Medvedev is on the baseline all the time and Carlos likes to use the slice to bring the opponent to the net. That was something we needed to do against Novak, so it was one of the keys to break his rhythm.

“In the end, I think he was very brave in the way he finished the match.”

The comments risk stoking the flames of the ‘spygate’ controversy, after which Djokovic demanded privacy on the practice courts.