McEnroe and Borg instead turned the situation into a skit for the show, having turned up to Centre Court on ESPN only to be denied – as they pretended to smash a racket before then venturing over to Court 6 to continue the segment.

Though Wimbledon fans were split on whether McEnroe and Borg should have been allowed to play, as starting from last year players were able to practice on the premier court.

On Twitter, @fayeandrews wrote: “That’s bad treatment by Wimbledon to two of the legends of the game, they can’t even say play is only reserved for matches on Centre as players were practicing on Centre prior to the tournament.”

While @dev1_patrick noticed the wear and tear of the court and suggested that the correct decision was made. “CC has been taking a lot of wear and tear due to the weather/cancelled matches moving inside,” they tweeted. “Why use the surface any more than absolutely necessary? (unless for actual matches).”