“Gabriel Martinelli is an incredible player and he had an amazing season and I think Neymar could play with him. When you have good players, you try to find the space in the team for all of them, but for sure Neymar is the kind of player you need to work around.

“You can put Neymar on the left-wing, in the middle or behind the striker. He can play in any position across the front-three, so can Martinelli. When people ask about fitting in players like Neymar, for me it’s rubbish. It depends on the players you have and the instructions you give them, he needs to know what they’re doing.”

Arsenal are likely to be in a more comfortable position to offer PSG and Neymar a suitable deal, as United are currently hampered in terms of their finances as a result of Financial Fair Play and the uncertainty surrounding the takeover process. Though there so far has been no indication that the Gunners wish to bring Neymar to north London, they have the potential to ruin Jassim’s transfer plans if they listen to Baptista’s advice.