is hoping to ruin ’s plans by getting a fight signed with . Paul is expected to rematch Fury at the back end of the year after his upcoming encounter with Nate Diaz, but KSI claims he is ‘close to making a deal’ with Fury that could put a halt to The Problem Child’s aspirations.

Fury handed Paul the first defeat of his professional career in February on points. Following the bout, Paul stated his intentions to activate the rematch clause in their contract but with Fury opting to take some time out of the ring after their contest, the ex-Disney star booked a stay-busy fight with Diaz for August.

Paul did so with the intention of boxing Fury next, but KSI has now thrown a spanner in the works. Speaking to Seconds Out, the British YouTube star explained that he is also pursuing a fight with Fury that could delay Paul-Fury II.

“I think Tommy Fury is a tougher opponent and that’s why once I destroy Joe Fournier, I want to get through to Tommy Fury, destroy him and then s*** on Jake Paul’s whole career.”

When asked what he can do to Fury that Paul couldn’t, he replied: “Knock him out. You know what I can’t wait. We’re working on the deal and hopefully, it comes through and then I can wait to bet £100,000 on myself with whatever betting agency that allows me to bet £100,000 on myself because I know the odds are going to be terrible.

“And everyone is going to look at that fight and be like ‘what’s the point? KSI doesn’t have a chance. He’s not even at Jake Paul’s level.’ How many times I proved people wrong? People thought I was going to lose to Logan Paul, I beat him. People thought I’d lose to Joe Weller, I beat him.”

Expanding on the negotiations with Fury, he added: “Yes, we’re close. I’ve been saying this in every interview and people keep saying that it’s cap but then why do I keep saying it? You’ll have to talk to Mams [Taylor] but yeah we’re close.”

Shortly after the first Paul fight,that they were open to competing against KSI but affirmed that the rematch would likely take precedence over it. Exactly how a KSI fight in the interim would impact on Paul and Fury’s existing contract is presently unclear.