John Fury has confirmed that will happily square off against fellow ex-Love Island contestant Idris Virgo providing the fight makes ‘business sense’. The pair got into a ringside altercation at the vs Joe Fournier event last weekend.

Virgo, who appeared on the hit reality television show one season before Fury, had previously campaigned for a fight with him to no avail. The 29-year-old claims that he was given the opportunity to box Fury shortly after he had left the villa, but that TNT had turned it down.

When they came face to face on Saturday, tensions flared with both men having to be separated by security as things got physical. Fury Sr was among those who helped wrestle the rivals apart but says he doesn’t know what sparked the bust-up.  

He told Express Sport via “I didn’t see what started it as I had my back turned… I just looked up and he was stood there out of nowhere and I thought he and Tommy were having some banter, but it broke out into a bit of a fight. These things can happen because you’re at a boxing show where everyone is looking to make a name for themselves.

“But we’re fighting people and we’re not going to let anyone make a joke out of our name and if we’re punched, we’re going to retaliate. But it was nothing to do with Tommy, Tommy didn’t start anything, this guy happened to come over, we were ringside to look at the KSI fight, and all of sudden this fella came out of nowhere and it ended up in a bit of a dust-up. But nobody got injured, we stopped it pretty quickly, it wasn’t a big thing at all in the end.”

When asked whether he and Tommy would entertain a fight with Virgo down the line, Fury Sr replied: “Let me tell you, him or any of them, if the money is right we’ll fight anybody. But is he there? Has he got the people behind him? Can he do these things? Can he bring the numbers in?

“I don’t know you know but if it makes good business sense Tommy will fight them all. Makes no difference who they are whether it is him or any Tom, Dick or Harry, if they can bring the numbers in and it makes business sense we’re interested.”

However, before a grudge match with Virgo can even be considered, Fury is set to throw down with KSI first. Fury Sr assured Express Sport that they are ‘close’ to thrashing out a deal with the YouTuber and that it will likely happen before the rematch with .