One of boxing’s most recognisable stars, Eric “Butterbean” Esch, has claimed he is in the “best shape ever” as he eyes a return to the ring. The 56-year-old is back in fighting shape and has called out his next oppoent, Jake Paul.

It’s been a decade since Butterbean retired from boxing, ending a 91-fight career with an impressive 77 wins. Of those wins, 58 came via knockout with just four draws.

The American was not only known for his boxing ability, however. He also took part in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and entered the cage in the Pride Fighting Championships, as well as his ventures in TV shows.

Butterbean has since gone back to the world of wrestling to work with ex-WWE star Diamond Dallas Page. The former Wrestler, who runs his own yoga business, has helped Esch shed weight in order to make a return to the ring.

In a post on social media, Butterbean said: “I’m working with DDP to get up walking and running around again and I’m feeling the best shape I ever have.

“I’m at fight weight. You’ll have to listen to my podcast coming up to find exactly how much weight I have lost, but I haven’t weighed this in over 20 years so that’ll give you an idea.”

Esch then went on to call out YouTuber turned boxer, Jake Paul who has made a name for himself in the ring. The 26-year-old has managed six wins and one loss which came at the hands of British boxer Tommy Fury.

“The big announcement is I’m gonna fight one last fight,” Esch said in the social media post. “It’s gonna be one year from now. Jake Paul, if you’re ready, I’m here for you my friend. Let’s get it on, me and you Jake Paul.

“I bet it would be an awesome fight. After you said what you said about me in the magazine, I’m ready to fight you. Are you ready? I don’t think so.”

Butterbean, who weighed 378 pounds in his prime, earned the nickname of the ‘King of the 4 Rounders’ having only fought beyond the fourth round in a fight just once in his career. He also defended the IBA Super heavyweight championship on five occasions.